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Published on August 15th, 2014 | by Kailios

21 Days Without Internet, The Effects On Gaming

I love gaming, something that isn’t exactly a surprise considering you’re reading a piece from a gaming driven website. So when I moved to my new place, I guessed it would have a delay on having access to certain privileges. Although I wasn’t anticipating missing out on the most important thing to basically most people now a days. You guessed it, the internet. Little did I know that the new place would mean not having internet for a whole 21 days. Not knowing might have actually helped because I had no time to actually prepare. I’ll admit, I did have internet at work, so I could at least keep up to date on the goings on from a computer, but not having it in the shelter of your own home is something else. Especially on those days where all you want to do is come back and kick some person’s ass online.

From the off, the difficulties I faced was the effect on my routine. Normally after coming in from work, I could have my dinner, than get ready for a decent session of Battlefield 4 online to satiate the frustrations of the day. Or maybe check in on friend’s high scores of Resogun to see who I needed to beat. Or even the simple reason of popping onto the Playstation Store or Steam to check the latest releases or bargains to be had. But no, I had been stripped of this access. I couldn’t even have a cheeky game on DotA when in the mood. So such nominal routines were affected, and not just for the few hours that you might expect to have down time due to maintenance, but a full 21 days of coming home and having to rely on other means of entertainment that had been gathering dust for years.

You might ask “why didn’t you just pick up a single player game and get on with it?”. The issue I had here was that I couldn’t, I wanted what I couldn’t have, so when I tried to sit down and get into Trine 2 which I had left uncompleted since it came free to the PS or platinum Killzone which I have meant to of done for a while, I couldn’t. I wanted to play Battlefield, I wanted to play Awesomenauts, or Hearthstone.

What I did find myself doing though is giving much more attention to the mobile platform (well for the 2 weeks that I had data that is). I was spending longer on Clash Of Clans, and giving more time to trying out the odd titles you find on the Playstore. I often rely on developers that I had played before, I.e Glu Games Inc which I have come to realise is one that does come up with some great short play titles to pass the time. The latest being the rather fiddly Dino Hunter, which still has me coming back.

Now 3 weeks later, I have the internet back after what felt like living in the dark ages. It was such a difference where I didn’t comprehend how much I took the internet for granted. You can have your data on a phone (which itself is limiting), but there is only so long that you can stick with a small screen staring at 9gag, as opposed to taking it to the laptop or playing the large selection of mobile games that require being hooked up all the time, or just a good old fashioned online game of kick ass. It got to the point where 2 weeks in I had already drained my mobile data usage and thus had a full week of no data at all when on the move. It was a kind of nightmares… not being too melodramatic. So when the electrical gold returned, the PS4 / Steam saw its fair share of updates which was not surprisingly a lot. Luckily the new fibre optic meant blasting through them all in no time. Happy Days. For anyone out there who does move house, for the love of God, sort your internet out ahead of time, if not for your own sanity!

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A gamer of multiple platforms and genres, it could be safe to say Kailios has been there and done that. He has always had a soft spot for the fantasy genre, being a big Blizzard and Bethesda fan but is also open to other styles too. Although the only genre he hasn't played properly is driving.... Maybe this gen he will give it a go. His favourite games include: Skyrim, Far Cry 3, Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, Left 4 Dead and Diablo 3. It goes without saying that he is a huge fan of the Warcraft series.

  • Michael Scoates

    Oh welcome to my world since the 3rd of July when I started my house move, I’ve only just recently been given a tentative completion date of, wait for it, 26th September. I’ll miss the Destiny launch and everything inbetween. And yup, yay for Play Store. Clash of Clans has saved my sanity yet again, great filler for when I can’t hook up to 80MB download/20MB upload which, coincidentally, is being installed at the new place on 26th September. And yay for free WiFi hotspots without which I’d probably have been put in a straitjacket many days ago.

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