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Changes we’d like to see for the Xbox One

If you’ve not been playing your Xbox One recently (or don’t actually own one), you may not have noticed the March update. This update changed quite a bit about the Xbox One, from slight changes to the dashboard itself, a face-lift for the friends and party applications and a tweaking for the controller, to name just a few. But, with all of its flashy lights, occasional 1080p visuals, media centery-ness and zombie smashing exclusives, people are still calling for more changes. Some of them are sensible requests, others are down-right ridiculous. But, one thing’s for sure, we’re still not completely happy with the games console in our living rooms, bedrooms, studies and/or mother’s basements. So here are a few changes that I (and others) would like to see.


OK, OK, this one was a little obvious. I can’t tell you the number of times that my PlayStation 4 playing friends have used the whole 1080p argument in conversations about our consoles. I, for one, couldn’t really care less about the number of ps that my Xbox has. It could be 1p for all I care (though I would care, because 1p would be monumentally shit). The main reason that I would like to see more 1080p games is purely because I paid more money for my Xbox One than my PS4 owning friends. It’s that simple, I’m not happy that my more expensive product can’t do the same things as a cheaper model. Yes, I understand that the Xbox One can do some things that the PS4 can’t. But still, more 1080p games would be nice – mainly so that my friends can stop talking about resolution differences and we can start focusing on the games themselves!

External storage

This is a gripe that I’ve heard / read many a time whilst surfing through forums and chatting to fellow gamers. One of the bigger problems facing the Xbox One at the moment is its hard-drive space. You would think that 500GB would be enough to last you a fair while, but it’s been only five months since I purchased my Xbox One and I’ve already used 50% of the space. The main thing that you have to factor in is that a good chunk of the space (138GB) is used up before you even get the console out of the box. More of the space is used up by apps, but that barely constitutes a single brick in the wall that is my Xbox One’s memory. The majority of the storage is taken up by the games and their updates. Every game, even on disc, must be installed on to the hard-drive and some games (such as Battlefield 4) come with a hefty chunk of GBs. Around 34GB to be precise. I own Battlefield 4 (34GB), Dead Rising 3 (20GB), Ryse: Son of Rome (35GB), FIFA 14 (9GB), Thief (20GB), Rayman Legends (4GB) and Madden NFL 25 (13GB). And that’s without the occasional patch and download which can range from 3GB for Battlefield 4 to 13GB for Dead Rising 3. Without these updates and installs, the games are unplayable. So, very soon in fact, I’ll have to make the decision between which games I want to play, and which games I’ll be unlikely to play for a while – so that I can clear up some space. I remember when my old 20GB Xbox 360 hard-drive lasted me almost two years before I had to start deleting things.  That’s 151GB already used, and I’m definitely underestimating there. At the moment, the Xbox One doesn’t support an external memory source (other than the cloud). So it’d be great if we could plug in an external hard-drive to save those games that we won’t be playing for a while. That way we can play them when we want, without having to install it all over again.

Setting a controller for a gamertag

I was recently playing Rayman Legends with my girlfriend on her Xbox One and quickly realised that, despite signing in as my gamertag on her console, I wasn’t getting the achievements that she was. In fact, I wasn’t getting any achievements at all. Now, I’ll admit that I’m a tiny (massive) achievement whore, so these sorts of things really get on my nerves. On the 360, you were able to assign a gamertag to a controller for multiplayer games. That doesn’t seem possible any more and, instead, you now have a lead profile. I assume that means that only the lead profile can earn the achievements on the console. Which sucks / is totally lame. Not because it means I’m not getting my gamer-score (kind of because I’m not getting my gamer-score) but because it takes away the reward of working together to complete a game whilst playing split-screen rather than online. But maybe that’s just me.

Backwards compatibility

Another obvious one. I have scores of Xbox 360 games that I’d love to be able to play on the Xbox One. There are also a few games coming out at the moment on the 360 that I’d love to be able to play, even if it isn’t in full, next-gen glory. Of course, I can plug my old Xbox 360 back in, but it’s a bit of a ball-ache, and I have very little gaming time these days as it is.

Games with Gold

More things that annoy me – do we see a theme here? – the lack of Games with Gold. All those PS4 owners with their two free games on PS+ and us Xbox One owners are sitting here twiddling out thumbs and waiting for Microsoft to bring us free games on our next-gen console. We were promised Games with Gold in January, or at least it was hinted at, but to no avail. And now, they’re rewarding us early adopters by dropping the price of the console and adding a free copy of Titanfall to the bundle. Thanks, Microsoft. Thanks.

Notifications for friends coming online

This one’s a bit nit-picky, but I’m a nosy bugger, and I like to know when my friends have come online. I miss the old Xbox 360 system of giving you a little notification (much like the achievement notification is now) telling you that a friend has come online, or that they’ve started playing a certain game. It was helpful to know what they were up to before inviting them to a party. It would save you time and energy, meaning you wouldn’t actually have to open your friends list to see what was going on and you could avoid an awkward party invite if they’re not interested in playing.

So there are just a few big and small changes that would make my Xbox One just that little bit better. Do you agree with what I’d like to see updated / brought to my games console? Or do you have other changes you’d like to see too? Let me know in the comments section below!

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  • me

    I think the point about rayman is the game it self don’t allow the second controller to get achievements. Same thing happened to me in 360 also I was the second controller :(

    • Alecs Pillik

      Ah! That would make more sense. To be honest, I’ve not had any other two player games where I can try it out to be certain. That’s the problem with the next-gen, the days of the decent split-screen co-op game seem to be over (or at least on hold)

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