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February 2015 – the month that keeps on giving

There are a ton of games coming out in the coming year or so that I’m incredibly excited for. Dragon Age: Inquisition is shaping up to be a great game, Sunset Overdrive is looking amazing and Destiny is the game on everyone’s lips at the moment, including mine. But there are some games that are a way off release, the majority of which are pegged to be some of the best games of the generation so far. A good selection of these games are set for a February 2015 release, which sucks for anyone who has to budget their gaming habit. Still, these games do look amazing so February is shaping up to be an incredible, and incredibly expensive, month. Here are some of the brilliant titles that we can expect (as of the time of writing) in February 2015. Which games are you most excited for?

Dying Light


I played Dying Light when it was being shown off in a ten minute demo during EuroGamer last year and, although it was in its VERY alpha stage, it was an incredibly intriguing game. Plus, they gave me a free t-shirt for playing so I was instantly impressed. The demo itself was incredibly basic, they had some of the free-running in it, as well as the zombies and a few various weapons – but there wasn’t a huge amount to rave about. Since then, Techland and Warner Bros have been teasing an awful lot about the game. It was set to release this year but, as with many of the new games coming out, it has been pushed back. Still, they’re teasing away, showing us the multiplayer aspects of the game, as well as the depth of the free-running gameplay. I also like the customisation options for the playable characters, as well as the ‘after dark’ aspect of the game, where enemies become more ferocious when the sun goes down. It looks like it’ll be bringing a different take to the oversaturated zombie genre, which is great for us zombie fans! It’s shaping up to be a real winner, which is why I’m definitely getting this in February next year.



To say that I, and the majority of the other guys at IM PLAYIN, am a massive Left 4 Dead fan would be an understatement. I don’t think that there’s a word in the English language that could do justice to my love for that game series. Evolve is the next instalment from Valve in the four player co-op genre, substituting zombies for an ever evolving monster. It looks like it’s going to have everything that the fans love about the Left 4 Dead series; bringing back the fast paced action and the reliance on co-operative play. The idea of 4 v 1 is slightly new, however, so it’ll be interesting to see how that works out as we get closer to its release date in February. Evolve was also supposed to be out this year, with an original date of September, but the game has also been pushed back. It does make me wonder why developers and publishers announce a game, and then have to push back by almost half a year. That’s a long old time… but I guess it’s best that they release the finished, polished product rather than a game that needs constant patches and updates.

The Order: 1886


The Order shot to fame earlier this year after its dark and grainy announcement trailer captured the hearts and minds of PS4 owners world wide. Since then, it’s gone quite quiet. At the time, there was little on offer from either console, so gamers were jumping at any opportunity to speculate about upcoming current-gen games. Now, however, we’ve been spoilt with potential wallet busters, and the hype train for The Order has gone somewhat on the back-burner. Still, this fantasy alternate history game is shaping up to be something quite special – and I’m really excited to see if it can live up to expectations. It’s one of the PS4 exclusives that everyone is talking about, much like Sunset Overdrive or Quantum Break on the One, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s everything people are hoping for, and much more.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


With Dying Light, Evolve and The Order: 1886 all coming out in February, it’s hard to imagine that we could get any more excited for the end of winter 2015. That is, of course, if you haven’t heard anything about The Witcher 3. Set after the events of the second game in the series, Witcher 3 is looking like a much bigger, better, prettier and richer game than its predecessors… combined. It looks like the developers, CD Projekt RED, are paying attention to every detail in this game and are really developing the lore that surrounds the Witcher series. The game world is going to be huge, which is incredibly exciting for RPG fans in general, but music to the ears of any Witcher fanatic. For me, Witcher 3 is the second ‘must have’ game of February, and one of my top picks for 2015 as a whole. So it looks like I’m going to be down at least £80 come March 2015. Maybe I’ll get a pay-rise at work… though I’m not holding my breath.

Batman Arkham Knight


This game isn’t necessarily confirmed for a February 2015 release, but it has been heavily hinted by Microsoft after they shoved the release date on their online store. I loved the original Arkham game, but I feel like they’ve started to get progressively less impressive as the series has gone on. However I’m assuming that, as this will be a current-gen game, it should be something at least half decent. I know that there is a lot of buzz surrounding this game, so I’m sure I’ll be getting more excited for it when we start seeing more closer to February. I’d be incredibly surprised if it doesn’t get pushed back, though, and since it hasn’t actually been confirmed for this date, I’d say wait a little bit before pencilling it into your diary!

So there you go, if you’re not excited for February 2015 yet, you really should be. These release dates are nowhere near final, and I wouldn’t be completely shocked if one or two of them get pushed back by a couple of months (especially Dying Light). I’d also be shocked if we don’t start seeing a few more games being pushed back to February 2015… or at least early next year (especially Elder Scrolls Online).

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  • Michael Scoates

    February schmebruary, I just got started on Diablo III – Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition, and as with all my life sapping titles I’m going through a ‘Wow, I’ll never need to buy another game, ever’ phase. Until Mass Effect IV, The Elderscrolls VI, Gran Turismo VII, Just Cause 3, the inevitable Red Dead Redemption followup, etc., etc. I’ve not really gotten excited about those on your list yet, just not quite my cup of tea I guess.

    Exciting times though, there are a LOT of great titles in the works and we could be about to enter another golden age of gaming where we’ll build up new backlogs next to our existing legacy backlogs.

    • Alecs Pillik

      I’m loving the line-up for Feb so far, there are some great looking games coming out; but those are my types of games (bar Batman). I’m surprised that you’re not fussed by The Witcher 3! I would have put you down as a Witcher fan.

      Also, this is the first I’m hearing of Just Cause 3! Has it been properly announced?!

      • Michael Scoates

        I’m sure Witcher 3 will appeal to fans but I’ve never had the time to learn its slightly different combat system. Nothing official on JC3, just lots of teasing earlier this year and expectations that Avalanche Studios might have something big lined up for May 2015.

      • Alecs Pillik

        It took me a looooong time to get in to Witcher 2, but it was really worth once I’d gotten used to it, so Witcher 3 should be good.

        JC2 was an amazing game, especially considering how long ago it came out; there still hasn’t been a game like it. A current-gen JC is definitely something to get excited about!

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