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Three purchases in the last 6 weeks I regret – 1) Don Bradman’s Cricket

This game is the toughest one for me, as I’m not 100% sure if I regret it or not – I know, great way to open. The reason I kind of regret it, is that it crashes… a lot. I’ve probably put around 20 hours into this game, perhaps slightly less, but in that time it has crashed on seven occasions. SEVEN. This is on my 360 as well; not because my PC isn’t of significant quality to play it. There’s two types of crashing in this game. The first one is annoying as it comes when I’ve done something good during the game – and that’s taking a wicket… it seems that the five times this has happened it’s been while I’ve appealed for an LBW, the wicket’s given, but my guy just runs on the spot close to the wickets and one by one the team joins him. It just gets annoying that I’ll make the breakthrough, which any fan of cricket will know can take a while, only for the game to freeze on me! I can save and exit during games, but what’s the bloody point if you don’t know when is going to happen! The second way it crashes is perhaps even more infuriating. It waits for you to complete a match, before freezing at the main screen without saving the result from the previous game; which f*!ked me right off when it first occurred… after a victory in the T20 final, where I was man of the match. For only the second time all season, I might add.

These annoying crashes aside, I’m not sure if I do regret buying the game or not. It’s quenched my thirst for a decent cricket game, which I’ve lacked since Ashes 2010, plus it has been received a million times better than that disgusting release in 2013. As well as this, I’ve actually enjoyed playing career, which I’ve never previously done in a Cricket game. It’s a refreshing change to actually suck in some games and then play out your skin in the next one – something that’s very realistic, despite the doubts that would come when you’re able to start as a 16 year old in a county team. The gameplay is pretty solid apart from the obvious crashes I noted above. There’s a huge difference between the modes, in terms of how the opposition play, as well as a notable difference in your captains tactics if you play in career mode – something that is good for realism, but bad if you end up not bowling despite being a bowler, for example. On the other hand, I suppose being a 16 year old bowler, you wouldn’t mind not bowling the maximum overs if you’re new on the scene. The progression of the game is fast, especially compared to how long it takes for FIFA to simulate between weeks on this console, but the game as a whole loads extremely quickly and in a satisfying manner; there’s not one screen that really bugs you in terms of setting up, whilst it is easy to navigate the different modes.

One thing unique to this for sports games, as far as I’m aware for consoles, is the sharing of custom teams that you’ve created, or edits to a squad that someone else has put the hours of graft into. Yet again, the ability to download these and use them is quick and easy to do, which is impressive for a last-gen console game.

The only thing that holds me back from saying this is a decent game is the crashing issues; which are the full reason why I almost begrudgingly say that I regret purchasing it. The game has sucked me in, an obvious statement given the fact that I’ve kept trying to get it to work despite the numerous crashes I’ve had.

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  • Ross Symons

    The crash you’re talking of unfortunately happens to a small percentage of older Xbox360’s, obviously they’re all meant to operate exactly the same but they are not. We are desperately trying to find a workaround/fix for this.
    CEO, Big Ant Studios.

    • danwood

      when is this planned to be fixed? my game freezes just before saving on career mode matches!

  • Yasitha Karunaratne

    If you’re a fan of cricket games you owe it to yourself to try this on PC. It’s miles better than the console versions, looks better too. I bought the game on the PS3 and thought it was great but the PC release blew me away.

  • LXK

    Hi Ross, i have the same issue with my PS3. It freezes after i finish a match without saving the result. Whether i play a T20 or career mode. Pls advise as to when we can expect a fix?

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