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Published on February 9th, 2014 | by Alecs Pillik


Upcoming PS4 exclusives that could make you switch console

In the September / October of last year I was faced with a tough decision. The decision being which console I wanted to get in the next-generation. In my opinion, both consoles looked fantastic, as did the titles unique to the machines. In the end I was eventually convinced by the EuroGamer expo, where I managed to get my hands on Ryse for the Xbox One. Once I’d finally got home, after a long day of massive games and even bigger crowds, I pre-ordered my Xbox One. But, that’s not to say that I haven’t thought about what my life could be like had I purchased the PS4 instead. Of course, I’m happy with my Xbox One, though I’d imagine that I’d be the same level of happy had I purchased the PS4. In an ideal world, I’d have both. But this isn’t an ideal world and I don’t have a spare 350 odd quid lying around, so I’ll have to make do with just the Xbox One for now. But there will always be titles that make me regret my choice, just for a second or two, and here they are.

The Order: 1886

One game that’s had a lot of hype of late is The Order: 1886. Based on the fictional history of Earth containing humanoid beasts and rather advance weaponry for the Nineteenth-Century, as well as a mythical Order of Knights, this game is shaping up to be a real heavy hitter. Very little information has been released about it, but there has been some really interesting developments in the past week. Enough to get PS4 owners excited and Xbox One owners jealous, at least (myself included). The cinematic trailer looked incredibly enticing, and recent images show eerily dark levels that will rely on the use of lighting to explore the darkness. The game will be stunning, as you’d expect from a next-gen title, and the lighting effects look incredible (from what little I’ve seen). This is one for PS4 owners to keep an eye on and a game that I’ll definitely be playing over my friends house when he gets it for himself.

Infamous: Second Son

There were very few PS3 games that I really wanted to play, way back when I had my Xbox 360. The three most impressive in my opinion were The Last of Us (of course), Uncharted and Infamous, all of which I really wanted to play. Maybe I’ll be able to give them a go sometime soon, thanks to the recent announcement of PlayStation Now? Anyhow, Infamous: Second Son looks just as impressive as the first title in the series, with the added bonus of having immense graphics and a more powerful console to utilise. I love an open-world game, especially one based on a character with superpowers, and every gameplay clip that I’ve seen for Infamous just makes me want to play it even more. The best that we can hope for on the Superhero front with the Xbox One is the next Spiderman game. It looks alright, but I have a feeling it’ll have its work cut out trying to out-do Infamous.


Uncharted 4

In much of the same vein as Infamous, I also wanted to have a go at the Uncharted series. For me, it looked very much like the original Tomb Raider games, but a bit darker and somewhat more realistic (this was before Square Enix released their stellar re-imagening of the series). The games looked exciting and engaging, with great stories and tonnes to do / explore, like a re-imagening of Indiana Jones. Uncharted 4, I would assume, will be much of the same. The fourth instalment is set in Madagascar, but little else has been revealed. Perhaps, for PlayStation fans, the Uncharted series is getting a little stale, I’m not sure. For me, however, I would love the opportunity to play an Uncharted game, especially on the PS4.

Deep Down

Deep Down is an upcoming fantasy online RPG by Capcom. It was one of the first next-gen game clips that I watched when the PS4 and Xbox One were announced. Very little has been released about the game, other than that it’s a dungeon exploring based RPG. The basics are rather sketchy but, apparently, it’s based on a possible future where touching magical artefacts allows the player to travel back in time to slay monsters, explore dungeons and find treasure. I love a good RPG, which you may already know if you’ve read a few of my articles for IM PLAYIN, so this really has me intrigued. Below is a trailer for the game, I’m assuming that it’s cinematic, but hopefully there might be a little bit of game footage in there!

Shadow of the Beast

Heavy Spectrum have been trusted with the remake of Shadow of the Beast, an old Amiga game first published over 25 years ago. I loved this game when I was a kid (from what I can remember, I played it on an old Amiga as I’m a little too young to have owned it when it first came out), and had a go on it over my cousin’s house on a number of occasions. Some of you may also remember the original, so get excited for the remake!  Whether it will stay true to the original, be a complete overhaul of the story or even a sequel of sorts, is yet to be seen, all I know is that I can’t wait to play this game. Though, just like when I played it for the first time at my cousin’s, I’ll have to wait for a friend to get it for me to play it this time as well – swings and roundabouts, I guess.

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

This is another one that I’m pretty intrigued by. From the developers of ‘Dear Esther’, ‘Everbody’s Gone to the Rapture’ is The Chinese Room’s spiritual successor to the previous title. The game is based on a fictional apocalypse (hence the title) and will follow six characters in an English village as they tell their stories during the end of days. If you’ve not checked out the announcement trailer yet, watch the video below. If Dear Esther is anything to go by, the game will be heavily focused on story telling and less on actual interaction, more Outlast than Dead Space. It will also be dominated by stunning scenery and incredible visuals, so hopefully it will be a real showcase for the PS4′s capabilities.


This is probably a game that’s slipped well under the radar of many a PS4 owner. It is a ninja based free-running game in which the player is tasked with getting from point A to point B, collecting as many coins on the way as possible. Obviously, traversing the small maps isn’t easy and there are a number of obstacles in the way, from mines to electrified droids. I had N+ on the Xbox 360 and loved every second of it. Sure it was ridiculously frustrating and at times I wanted to launch my controller through the TV, but it always drew me back. This was mainly because the challenge was fun and the game was quaint in its simplicity. It had a memorable soundtrack and a very retro feel, which I love in a cheap game. I’m pretty upset that N++ won’t be coming to the Xbox One. It’s the sort of game that I’d play for ten or fifteen minutes, here or there, and the fact that it was always there for me to play was comforting in a way. I like having a ‘go-to-game’ that I can play when the mood takes me and N+ was always that type of game. So, if you own a PS4, make sure you pick this game up when it comes out sometime this year. You never know, you might get lucky and Sony may just give it away on PlayStation Plus!

(this is footage of N+, but I have a feeling that N++ won’t be too dissimilar)

So there are a few of the games that sometimes make me wish I’d bought a PS4. Or at least owned a PS4 as well as my Xbox One. Could these games convince someone to switch consoles? Or choose to buy the PS4 over the Xbox One? Possibly. Some of them could, that’s for sure. There’s a lot of promise in these games, and I haven’t even mentioned Drive Club and Natural Doctrine or some of the current console exclusives such as Resogun, Don’t Starve and Killzone. But the Xbox One has some great stuff to offer too, and I guess that there are some PS4 owners out there that wish they could get their hands on one or two of them as well. That’s the problem with the next-gen consoles, I have a feeling that they’re only going to get more exciting and more impressive by the month. I give it a year until I’ve bought myself a PS4 too.

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From his humble beginnings on the N64, Alec's love for video games has flourished across all genres, from RPGs to FPSs. You can usually find him at work, at the Museum of the Order of St John, out on the football pitch having a kick-around, or at home gaming with his friends. His favourite games include Left 4 Dead, Battlefield 3, Oblivion and Call of Duty: World at War. If you're on the Xbox One, don't forget to follow his gamertag for some cool game clips!

  • Cozomel

    As many know if you have seem my disqus posts, I’m pretty vocal of my PS4 and it’s games faults. Our two most hyped games are disappointing many fans and driving them AWAY from ps4. I’m talking about Infamous Second Son and The Order.

    Sadly and stupidly, both of these have no multiplayer whatsoever, this is so disappointing and inexcusable, and what’s also sickening is sony fans cheering that there is no multiplayer….instead of showing their obvious anger, they hide it so Microsoft fans don’t see it, this is so childish and ahh makes me so mad.

    Now, The Order, our most wanted and hyped exclusive not only won’t save any multiplayer but also will have 30fps, a horrid screen aspect ratio that forces black bars onto the top and bottom of our screen, and once again sony fans say they’re happy with this. That’s a flat out lie, happy our exclusive has no multi or co-op? Yeah right! Cheering it’s only 30fps, saying this game doesn’t need a higher frame rate, disgusting fanboy lies, trying to save face so the xbox fans won’t make fun of it, fact…they should as it’s inexcusable. The cinematic aspect ratio…..black bars hogging our screens….yup fanboys also pretend they like this. No wonder why us sony fans get such flak, the fanboys in our camp is riduclously fake.

    Our supposedly all powerful PS4 should be able to have multiplayer in our exclusives where warranted as it is in these games, we should always be getting 60fps, and our powerful ps4 has no right to give us black bars blocking our screens. I’m sorry but the PS4 is failing to live up to the hype, we can talk about how powerful it is, but it’s just that, talk. Sony and ps4 fans hide the fact that our console has so many problems such as it corrupting save files, controllers falling apart, 8 different error codes, blue light of death, electric shocks, hard drives being erased, and many more.

    Sony fanboys would rather hide all these facts to save face, well we can’t hide them forever, read articles and reddit posts, tons of people including me, aren’t happy, are very dissapointed, and will soon be changing consoles if sony doesn’t fix these problems, as well as the devs not fulfilling what nextgen should be.

    No doubt sony fans will rage at this reply, saying I don’t own a ps4, sony is so powerful, sony is first in sales, bla bla bla. They will rage and be defensive, hiding ps4s issues and problems will imagined facts, call me an xbox fanboy when I’m not. Yep they will be fanboys all the while hiding the many problems with our ps4s and it’s games. Oh I forgot, they will also say ” I didn’t read past the first sentence” lol yeah we believe you.

    • Brooklyn


      Your latest reply above is rather scathing. Personally, I disagree with your problem of The Order needing to have MP. Remember when BioShock 2 had MP, and it ended up scoring lowest out of the entire series? Or how about Square Enix’s The Last Story, whose MP felt completely worthless and tacked on?

      Compare the above with games like The Witcher series, that has a fantastic storyline and no MP, and I think you’ll agree with other story-driven gamers that no MP simply means more time and resources to invest in a good story. That’s exactly what one of The Order’s devs meant when he tweeted a similar message the other day.

      Now, how exactly did you connect a dev team’s decision to focus solely on single player with Sony fanboys and the presumed power of the PS4? That I don’t understand, and I don’t think it makes your opinion look very credible, either. If you’re going to post your opinion about a dev team’s developmental decisions, let’s leave the petty console war at the door.

    • Alecs Pillik

      I think that, as long as a game has a fantastic story / single-player, it doesn’t need multiplayer. I do like a spot of co-op and decent split-screen co-op games are few and far between these days. I couldn’t comment on how the actual games play of course. I’ve had a go on Outlast and Don’t Starve, but I really don’t think that these games are showcases for the PS4.

    • StoppingBy

      I’m one of the many people who actually are not angry about The Order and Infamous: SS not having multiplayer. Why is multiplayer the driving force for buying a game? I remember Bioshock Infinite not having a multiplayer and no one made a big deal about that. What about Skyrim? The Witcher? But since it’s an exclusive and has no multiplayer it’s immediately not worth getting? Some games actually would benefit from not having a multiplayer. I played AC4: Black Flag on PS4 and once I was done with all of the single player trophies I moved on to multiplayer. I don’t know if you have ever experienced AC multiplayer, but it’s terrible. It feels tacked on and unnecessary.

      • Alecs Pillik

        I enjoyed AC2 multiplayer, but more as a novelty than a real pass time (unlike Battlefield, for instance). I must admit that I’ve not played the multiplayer since then, and I’d imagine it’s changed somewhat. I have a similar complaint about the latest Tomb Raider game. The single-player was fantastic and it really didn’t need the multiplayer bolted on. If a game’s single-player is good enough, then there should be no need for online multiplayer, in my opinion.

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