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What IM PLAYIN – the deliberations of a gamer

Every now and then I find myself in a weird predicament where I have multiple games on the go, but I have very little enthusiasm to play them. It’s not because they’re bad games, or because I’ve lost my passion for gaming – it’s because I’m waiting for my next big title, but I can’t decide which one to buy (or if there are any really worth buying). So, instead of sitting here and writing about the games that I’d like to get or am looking forward to getting once they’re out, I’ll instead talk about the games that I’m currently playing.

Rayman Legends

First on the list is this little doozey. I’ve been trying to write a proper review of it for weeks but just can’t seem to find the words. I absolutely love this game and there’s tonnes to it but, at the same time, there’s very little to it. It’s quite samey, as with any platformer, and the only reason that I love it is because it’s the same old brilliant stuff. It reminds me of the original Rayman games that I loved as a kid, but it has a fresh feel to it with a great graphic style. It also has quite a few different features to it, from some of the Rayman Origins missions that can be unlocked, to time trials and even a football mini-game. Overall, it will keep you entertained for hours (and it’s only £25 if you shop around), so it’s well worth picking up as a time filler. Plus, I love a good co-op game and you’ll struggle to find many better than Rayman Legends, especially on the next-gen consoles. I’ve been playing this game with my girlfriend for some time now, and whilst I’ve still not completed it, it’s one of those games that you can just pick-up and play for half an hour here and there. It’s got to the stage where I don’t really like playing it by myself anymore, I’m invested in completing it with my girlfriend, and I love those sorts of games.


Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

Yeeees, I’m still playing Tomb Raider on the Xbox One. Get off my back, it’s a great game. I’ve also been playing it through on the hardest difficulty … because I’m a mad man. And because I wanted to make the most of my £40 (some of which was made up of birthday vouchers, don’t judge me). So I’ve been working my way through that one as well, and I’m loving every second. When I eventually get around to playing it that is. The story is fantastic, the voice acting immerses you in the game and the graphics are top-notch. You can really see the difference between the original and the re-mastered version. Whether or not it was worth the money is a completely different story, however. Tomb Raider was a brilliant game, possibly one of the best of 2013. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is the exact same game, only slightly prettier. So I guess that will help you make your own mind up on whether to buy it or not.


Project Spark

This one is a real time sapper and it’s definitely not just a ‘pick up and play’ title. A few evenings ago, I booted it up and thought I’d only been playing for around ten minutes, but it turned out that I’d spent the best part of an hour on the game. In fairness, it was an hour well spent. I’m currently creating a game where the world I’m making is pretty much just the floating islands of Pandora, from Avatar. Only slightly less … blue. I’m not sure what the game will be about. I think I’m just going to make it a simple exploring game, with a few caves to search through and mountains to climb. Maybe I’ll add in a few relics from an ‘ancient’ time, and maybe tie that in to an overall narrative … if I can be bothered. At the moment I have far too many ideas floating around in my head, and I’m one of those people that will start a project and not finish it because a new project sparks my interest. Using the words ‘project’ and ‘sparks’ there was not intentional, but certainly a happy coincidence. Nonetheless, it’s a great game and I love both building the games and playing them – as well as playing the games that other people have built. So I really enjoy playing it when I have the time to spare and I’m sure you will too come its release, whenever that may be.


Battlefield 4

There is always a place in my heart, and my game shelf, for Battlefield 4. It is the greatest FPS ever created … or at least the greatest FPS that is currently available on the Xbox One or PS4. Sorry COD fans, but Battlefield is king for me. I love the massive maps, the heavy tanks and the beasty choppers / jets. I adore the weapons (except for the shotguns) and the intense combat, as well as sneaking around sniping and stealing objectives. Playing it online is the only way to go, especially as the story mode sucked major balls. Well, at least in my books, I’m sure that there’s someone out there who loved it. I merely felt that I had to do it, as I’ve always completed the story on any FPS before getting to the multiplayer, it’s just how I roll I guess.


I have been playing Thief which, the more I think about it, was pretty non-descript. I didn’t really enjoy it, but then I didn’t exactly hate it. Much like an actual thief, it swept in rather unnoticed, stole my time and then quickly departed. Though unlike an actual thief it didn’t really steal much of my money as I was able to exchange it at CeX for £32 when I only spent £38 on it. That left me feeling a bit cheerier when it could have left a bitter taste in my mouth. I’ve always managed to find time for FIFA 14 as well, as I’m partial to a spot of Pro-Clubs with my buddies after a hard days work. So I’ve got quite a few games on the go, I guess. I love playing them all, in their own little ways, but it’s hard to find the time to really sit down and enjoy them. I guess that’s the problem at the moment. I’m spoilt for choice with a multitude of good games. What I need is a great game that will snatch my attention and make me forget about the others, at least for a while. That way I’ll be a little more motivated to play, because I won’t be spending my time um’ing and ah’ing over which one to pick up.

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  • Welcome to my predicament, though I have to chuck in that we’re in the middle of moving house too so I’m loathe to dive into anything too immersive because I know that it’ll only be disrupted when the move goes ahead. Except for Final Fantasy XIV beta. I’ve got 4 days off from life booked for that one.

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      I couldn’t imagine having a backlog even half the size of yours though!

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