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Published on January 31st, 2014 | by Romnomnom


What’s the story, Call of Duty!

My good friend ThinkBad Monkey recently reviewed the latest addition to what is becoming a huge log of Call of Duty games. The 47th entry to the franchise (a slight exaggeration) is entitled Ghosts, as you all most likely know, and centers around the ‘Ghosts’, who seem to be a futuristic 2026 version of the Navy SEALs, but even more secret, almost an urban legend. With TBM telling me about his reasons for going back to CoD, he peaked my own interests, and with a small bit of pressure to return to the franchise from other friends, I purchased the game whilst away (…It cost me £33 for CoD in Canada. Why the hell does Game sell this for £55. That’s 3/5 of the price…60% of the price…Enough maths) and just like that, I’m back to playing CoD. Now, World at War was one of the best games on the last gen in my opinion, and I cannot tell you how many hours, if not days, I put into the multiplayer, both zombies and online. World at War had everything, whereas this one doesn’t quite reach the same mark. I’m not going to spew out another review on CoD, you already have Alex’s fantastic one, over at http://www.implayin.co.uk/features/going-back-to-call-of-duty/. What I’m going to do is go through my favourite part of games in general, the story mode. I can never, ever play a game online without first attempting some portion of the story, and CoD is no different, but what I’ve found, is that ‘the same’ is a common theme with Ghosts. The same old song and dance as some would say, as when it comes to plots these days, shooters seem to do the same thing over and over, whacking us on the head whilst saying it’s the same shit buddy! Well I’ve had enough. Here’s a list of all the things that are wrong with the story in my opinion. Caution, this will contain spoilers. I apologise right now for the rant you’re about to receive, but it felt good to be so nit picky and research the backdrop for this addition to what is undoubtedly one of the worlds best known franchises.

First up is the first mission, not even mission really, the introduction to the game is the Space ‘mission’. These beginnings are  always the same, they’re supposed to make us go, oh wow look at that, before it suddenly all goes wrong, explodes and the world turns to shit. Not only this, but the female astronaut who’s taking you to safety dies – seemingly from the blast that you caused whilst being right next to her without it hurting you … I know, shocker, someone dies in a shooting game, well that’s not my point smartypants. The point is, the glass visor on the helmet visibly cracks and smashes, which would, after not even 5 seconds in that atmosphere, cause the skin to expand and temperature of the head to rise dramatically as it was facing the sun.

Below, for your excitement and enjoyment, I’ve attached a map of South America. Please pay special attention to Venezuela, the positioning of Caracas, Brazil, Argentina and its relative size to Chile, and Chile as a whole!


My second problem is quite a large one. It relates to this supposed ‘Federation of the Americas’. I’m told that it can use the term Americas because it’s a political, economic and military union of countries in South America, Latin America and North America. Woah. Let’s hold it there. Mexico was supposedly overrun, so that right there stops the North American involvement. Latin America was also swept through as it made its way up to the United States, but without more detail, I can’t really go into too much depth here. South America … so this is where it’s most relating to apparently. It states that it came around due to the merging together of the ‘oil producing nations of Brazil, Venezuela and Chile’. Chile? Chile is NOT an oil producing country. Any nOOb with a globe could tell you that! Chile, for those unsure, is a rocky, volcanic, strip of land that goes up and down more than a yoyo. There is not many places in that country you could even fit a drill without going into neighbouring Argentina … of course I exaggerate, but my point is none-the-less valid. What makes this even weirder in my opinion, is that Argentina is stated as being ‘occupied’ … well surely a small country like Chile, cut off from their partner countries Brazil and Venezuela, would be able to overrun and occupy the second largest South American country without being invaded themselves? Don’t think so. Especially when we consider Santiago, where most of the population lives, is so close to the border. It also doesn’t make much sense, you’ll have to excuse all the numbers about to fly your way, that they would make the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, the capital of the Federation. Caracas? Why? Just because it fits I suppose. Caracas is the Sixth largest city in South America, so can’t be due to that – It’s close to the sea, but that doesn’t quite have the same meaning as it did 500 years ago. In fact, it actually means it’s more vulnerable to an American attack than any other capital. Venezuela as a whole though, is the fifth largest country in terms of population in South America and sixth largest in terms of area, so it wouldn’t have as much say as the others surely … especially not as much as, lets say Brazil.

One of the early levels of the story sees the demolition of a dam above Caracas … which doesn’t exist in 2014; and I doubt will be built at any time, due to Caracas not actually being too close to the sea that it is in danger of being flooded – Otherwise they would have built it by now surely! The fact that it then immediately manages to flood the entire city within seconds, and bring a water level up to half of the buildings, so around 7 foot, is just weird. Caracas is close to the Caribbean Sea, but that’s just ridiculous. It looks like it actually takes longer to line up the SAM and fire it and travel TO the dam, than it does to flood the entire city. This also leads on to the next thing that bugs me, the technology they believe the Venezuelan people/South American people use … I’ve attached a picture of the Computer monitors they have scattered throughout the game. 2026 the game is set in, not 1996 you numbskulls!


Later on, you seemingly take the fight to the Federation in a attempt to stop the launching of the prototype missiles that they’ve put together from reworking salvaged metal from the ODIN sattelite which you seemingly stopped and blew up the ship of … I don’t understand it either, but you go with it, because you’re fighting underwater. I got the idea that 2024 USA was supposed to be weak with a limited amount of supplies and goods, but without a moments hesitation (unless someone’s been planning for the exact situation despite fighting the civil war at the same time), you have an entire naval fleet engaging the enemy, whilst releasing the tank battalions and ground units to fight on the land as well as utilising an air battalion to move the soldiers and cover the tanks. This crushed United States sure does have lots of resources.

Ghosts. The name of the game is Ghosts. I’ve saved the best fault till last in my opinion. The name refers to the Ghost units that go into situations that no others can sort out whilst remaining hidden, unknown and getting out quietly without anyone finding out. Yet, there’s only a few missions where this happens at any point for a short time. One sees you get a jeep and go blasting through to the football stadium blowing up everything you can, before finding your dead comrade. Obviously, the escape from this is always going to be loud, but it utilises a Sniper you apparently set up … God knows when you did that. Situations similar to this are scattered, littered in fact, throughout the course of the campaign. There’s only really two missions where you are sneaking around, and the whole situation with the dog, is only really properly used in one mission. This whole game was gearing up for using a dog, but t was bitterly underused.

Don’t get me wrong. I surprised myself by actually enjoying the campaign as I went through it, it’s more of a reflection of the campaign, which I only seemed to do once I ended my CoD session. It’s actually a lot of fun to play, mostly because you know what is in store, considering that you’ve bought the game and you know it’s going to be CoD.

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2 Responses to What’s the story, Call of Duty!

  1. Dirk says:

    CoD has been crap since Modern Warfare 4, which I actually liked. The multiplayer has become a choice from the elite who have everything and the other end where they know everything. It is not a multiplayer experience for newcomers even if they have similar multiplayer experiences from other games. Then there is the whole online community that seems to take the whole Live or PSN community of players and ups the pettiness, childish behavior, and profanity level of the people playing. This isn’t everyone of course, but it really only takes 1-3 people per match acting like a-holes to ruin it for me.

    • Romnomnom Romnomnom says:

      Hi, thanks for the comment.

      I can’t agree more in a way…It’s been a while since I’ve really enjoyed a CoD game and put many hours into it. Yet, I still end up somehow buying it. The multiplayer is not for a newcomer, which is sad in a way, but when you get these people who do nothing but make loud noises through their speakers and ruin it for the rest, I don’t think newcomers would play for long anyway. CoD online, is a situation where you can sit back, zone out and play through a action packed 5 minutes, compared to the tactical BF. Unfortunately, you get players ruining it for everyone on the majority of titles these days. I remember we (the IM PLAYIN crew) played with some right idiots on L4D, which ruined it at times, despite it being one of our favourite games to play together.

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