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Published on June 11th, 2013 | by Thinkbad Monkey

Dumb Ways To Die – The Game

So who remembers the amazing TV advert ‘Dumb ways to die’ that came out of Australia a few months back? Everyone I hope. It spread over the Internet like a virus and hopefully made us think about being more careful around trains. So when we heard that a game had been made with these odd, suicidal creatures we had to dive right in and see if it could make as big of an impact as the video.

 Well good news people, it does a damn fine job.

In a style similar to Warioware on the DS, the game is divided into a series on mini games with each one based on a particular character’s demise in the video. You will then have to save the character from their inevitable fate using a series of movements and swipes, which make good use of the phone or tables touch controls. The game will encourage you to do anything from tapping the screen in order to put out a fire on someone’s head to spelling patience in order to avoid a crash.


Graphically, this game is quite charming. With its great animation and interesting characters it is very pleasing on the eye and doesn’t become too much when playing for long periods of time. The interactions do not take away from the graphic style and it flows seamlessly from one mini-game to another.

On the home screen you will amass a collection of the little guys as you continue to beat high scores. This becomes strangely addictive, as it is quite satisfying to watch your station fill up with apparently carless but loveable characters.


And if you think that this game is taking away from the message of the advert, then think again. The game features an option where players can pledge that they will avoid the fate of the characters and will be safe around trains, as well as unlocking the original video a few scores in.

This is a very charming and fun game that even has a message that we can all agree is important. Be safe around trains, and have some fun while riding them.

If you have any views on Dumb Ways to Die or if you have any questions and you would like to get in touch then hit up the comments section below or tweet us @IM_PLAYIN

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