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Xibalba – Smells like Doom

August 23rd, 2014 | by Thinkbad Monkey

Xibalba translates to “Place of Fear” and if you also have no idea what it is then know that it is the word used to describe [...]


Papa Pear Saga – Getting past the rip off

February 13th, 2014 | by Thinkbad Monkey

It makes me laugh that King, the developer behind Candy Crush and the aforementioned Papa Pear, has been swinging their massive member around lately about ‘Protecting [...]


“Score!” one to the gamers

January 18th, 2014 | by Romnomnom

Football/soccer, is a huge part of my life. I play football, train for football, watch football and think football, like … 80 % of British men I [...]


Star Command

November 11th, 2013 | by Alecs Pillik

Star Command really appeals to us here at IM PLAYIN. It’s like Star Trek has had an illegitimate love child with the Star Wars ship battle [...]


Kingdom Rush

August 8th, 2013 | by Thinkbad Monkey

Having recently purchased Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, the second game in the Kingdom Rush line up. I felt that I had to take my hat off to [...]


Groove Racer

July 9th, 2013 | by Thinkbad Monkey

Groove Racer is essentially a scalectrixs type racing game where your car is fixed to the track. The aim of the game is to get around [...]


Big Win Hockey

May 28th, 2013 | by Thinkbad Monkey

The sun may have come out at the weekend but we are getting back to the cold with this weeks Train Game, Big Win. Big Win [...]


Injustice: Gods Among Us

April 23rd, 2013 | by Thinkbad Monkey

With a lot of hype over the upcoming launch of a DC Cinematic Universe (A Justice League film at the very least alongside the Man of [...]


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